Shetek Lutheran Ministries Retreat Center was a beautiful place to hold a retreat. I had a FABULOUS time attending sessions, networking with colleagues, and just enjoying the beautiful location. We had a couple of very informative sessions from Valerie Horton, Director of Minitex who informed us of all the innovative “pilot” projects going on at Minitex, plus highlighting ELM and the Learning Express Library. Dr. Michele Leininger from Marshall Lyon County Library shared with us her research and experience with Leadership and dealing with difficult people as well as advocacy for your library. Meredith Vaselaar is simply inspirational when talking about her library fundraising project. She makes this subject seem quite easy, but by no means is it. National history day Minnesota was a brief presentation that was informative for those of us that are on the fringes of knowledge on this subject. I found all our sessions so open for conversation that sometimes sessions may of taken a different path than intended, but the presenters were very encouraging and engaging, making each and every single session a joy to participate in. Thank you SAMMIE for another wonderful opportunity.