The SAMMIE Summer Reading program on April 1, 2016 was really helpful and definitely gave me the chance to try new things! We played three different board games, which was nice because it gave me the chance to try the games before buying them. Two of them were pretty difficult to play (but I’m sure teenagers will love them!) SAMMIE gave us a detailed list of newish board games that are available for purchase, so I’m looking forward to looking over that list to see what’s new and exciting. I learned that there will be an upcoming SAMMIE grant to use for teen programming this summer — finding out that information certainly made the wheels in my head start turning!

Staff members also did book talks about books that are appealing to teens and I marked several books as “necessary” additions to the collection. Finding solid non-fiction that is still appealing to older kids is often difficult, but the staff members doing book talks had good ideas.

I’m looking forward to a great summer and this kickoff was helpful for gathering my thoughts!