The SAMMIE retreat was a chance to network with other librarians from SW MN libraries and help SAMMIE brainstorm ways to continue and/or improve services. There were great discussions as a large group, but I think most of the great conversations and brainstorming occurred in the small breakout groups. We all agreed that the scholarships, grants, and continuing education are amazing. We spent a lot of time talking about how to motivate other SAMMIE members to partake in the offerings and join in the conversation about ways SAMMIE can support all different types of libraries.

There seemed to be frustration regarding services that benefit one type of library over another. School vs public vs academic. Everyone was very constructive in their comments, but I’m not sure if anything was settled in that arena.

I am very excited about Camp Read-A-Lot and other continuing education opportunities in the future. Thank you for including me in this retreat; I met wonderful professions with great suggestions and opinions!