I was asked by Shelly to be a part of Sammie a couple of weeks ago. I will now be on the Teen Co-Op board. I was also invited to attend the planning meeting on Sat. Feb. 20.

I thought that this would be a great way for me to learn more about SAMMIE and what they can do to help us as librarians.

The meeting started out with Shelly giving a little synopsis of SAMMIE and then turned it over to the library consultants. We had a large group discussion until lunch and after lunch we broke into 2 small groups.

I was in the group where we were discussing about the future of SAMMIE and how SAMMIE can better serve it’s libraries. Shelly was in our group and it was a good thing because some of the things discussed and given as suggestions she said they have tried or have already done them. (ie Facebook page)

In conclusion, everyone is appreciative of the scholarships and teen grants from Sammie. We need to make sure that we as members are getting the SAMMIE name out there! The more PR we can do the better.
Shelly and Liz are doing a great job promoting SAMMIE and using it’s resources to better the library communities!

Thanks for an enlightening afternoon.