The Plum Creek Retreat went even better than I had anticipated. Those who attended the overnight really got to know one another and got a chance to ask questions about happenings at other libraries and share information about their library with others. The Thursday evening program was informational and fun. It was a fun way to get the whole community involved with the library. I presented on Friday morning and talked about customer service in your library. I loved all of the comments and sharing that happened during the presentation and even later on at lunch. There is so much information to share on this topic and many said it is good to touch on it every time we have a training because it is such an important aspect of library service. I learned valuable information during the afternoon session on marketing your library. Angie and EmilieRose did a great job sharing their information. I also loved the sharing over lunch and the last hour where we discussed the workshop and what else people would like to see. Everyone agreed we should do it again in the future. The staff at my library loved getting to know others and putting faces with names. It was a huge success.