The Association of Rural and Small Libraries conference in Fargo, ND was FABULOUS! I feel so fortunate to be able to attend this National conference, Thanks to SAMMIE!
Here are some of my favorite sessions at the Conference:
“Lights, Camera, Advocacy…Digital Storytelling for Your Library” outlined how easily with a few items, like a cell phone, lighting, and an inexpensive microphone, you can make videos that can be used to promote your library. This could be for special events or advocacy. You will have to wait and see what will be appearing on the Appleton Public Library’s FACEBOOK page. 
“Staying Safe: De-escalation Techniques from the Pros”, offered us some excellent tips and ideas. This session showed us how to handle a variety of situations in our libraries, allowing us to keep everyone safe. This session offered a little bit of everything from remaining calm and letting people talk it out to self-defense techniques. I plan to share all of these ideas at our next staff meeting. Being prepared is key! 
“Be Your Own Graphic Designer” was just what I was looking for! This session offered a variety of FREE ways to step up your signage that we use not only in paper form, but on our websites, FACEBOOK, and twitter accounts. Plus there were many tips on layouts, colors, and keeping things simple and getting to the point of the message. 
“Digitaize It Yourself: A Method of In-House Digitization” was simply fascinating! Not only did I receive great tips and ideas on how to create a portable darkroom with some simple supplies, but I was excited about how this digitization process opens up so many materials that would otherwise be kept away and preserved, because of their very fragile nature. All of us have items like this in our libraries, and now we have a way to get them into the hands of everyone! 
Thank YOU SAMMIE for the wonderful opportunity of attending North of Normal in Fargo, ND and ARSL National conference!