MLA-Rochester was a great conference. I have highlighted a couple of my favorites.
Would Trader Joe’s Hire You? Lessons from the Best Retailers was quite refreshing. This session discussed the customer experience, from greeting everyone that walks in the door to going that extra mile for our customers. And of course, hiring the best employees that you possibly can, even enticing someone from another business that is very customer service friendly. They also shared this tidbit, when hiring ask these two questions…Are you Nice? and Tell me what excites you? I know they will both be on my next set of interview questions.
RART Bookblast: 40 in 50 Fiction is a session I never miss. This group of radical librarians usually pick books that I have thought about, but was not sure about, and after the session I am able to add some very enticing titles to our collection. Thank YOU for all your reviews.
So All can Read: How Technology is Reinventing the Minnesota Braille and Talking Book Library session was everything I was looking for and more. I have been suggesting and sending people to this venue for quite some time, but I really did not know all the ins and out of this system until I attended this session. I am ready to contact a couple of others to let them know about some of the advances that are being made as well as other services that I found out about. This service is everything you ever thought and more.
MLA-Radical Librarianship 2017 Annual Conference was an excellent opportunity to network with other librarians and pick up some great ideas to bring back home too. Thank you SAMMIE for this wonderful opportunity.