This year the annual MLA conference gave me a big boost to try some new ideas and programming at my libraries. Something that I cannot wait to try will be what I learned from session “Locking in Literacy: Using Breakout Boxes for Library programming”. Breakout boxes are going to be a big hit in our community! I loved the hands on learned presentation that this session gave plus the focus on Harry Potter was a bonus! I also had the opportunity to reflect on past programs. I attended a session on reinventing Summer Reading Programs at add new life and new direction. I am going to make new goals for myself this summer: start in May to reach the children when they are still in school, set goals for what I want to accomplish for both the children participating and the library (this will be helpful with out come measurements), and of course the every issues/struggle of reading logs. I enjoy being able to network with other librarians, dish about programs both positive and negative reactions, and the ability to learn new technology and advances from vendors. I appreciate the SAMMIE scholarship program which makes these opportunities possible! Thank you!