MLA 2017 Annual Conference: I always find it so important to attend library conferences, which gives me an opportunity to meet with other librarians in the state, connect with other librarians in similar sized communities/libraries, and learn what is going on in other areas of the state. I attended numerous sessions, and learned practical strategies in all. Of particular note was the session on tackling tough data questions, which presented information on databases for research; the SRP program for Teens had great ideas on what appeals to teens, as well as how things have changed and how to reach what is, traditionally, a difficult demographic. The session on self-publishing, using the resources available for free through the Minnesota library system, was informative and broader than I had expected, and explained ways in how patrons can utilize the programs for research as well as personal writings. I attended the Small and Rural Libraries Roundtable and that was particularly illuminating; the attendees talked about real issues facing rural areas, and how librarians can work together to create an effective outreach community. I appreciate the SAMMIE scholarship program, which makes these opportunities possible!