I attended MILE -the leadership program/group, where I was able to network with other librarians and bounce ideas and learn new ideas. This was a great experience for me. I was able to ask question of other librarians who have done different projects and found out what has and has not worked for them.
They had wonderful presenters! Obviously we were all nervous about being there, but we had Tane Danger from the Theater of Public Policy on the first day. He did some ice breaking sessions and everyone really loosed up with each other. Some stated how they were going to go back to the libraries and use these techniques with staff.
Dr. Nicole Cooke from the School of Information Sciences, at the University of IL. also presented on “The Power of Languages” and “How do you want to be remembered”. What a great presentation.
The last day was filled with Strength-finder’s with Nikki Daniels. We were given a book about strengths to read and take an online test, with results of what kind of a leadership you have. Mine was a WOO!
I am the person who likes to invite everyone in and always make room for one more! I enjoyed this so much that I have shown it to my boss and she is looking into having this at one of our staff meetings.
Great program! Highly recommend.