Thank you to SAMMIE for the scholarship to attend the Library Technology Conference at Macalester College.
In addition to being able to present about digital archives with colleagues from MSU, Mankato, Winona State University, and PALS, I had the opportunity to attend six other sessions. Here’s one snippet from each session:

1) My first session at #LTC2016 gave me the chance to try out Kahoot.

2) Seeing Hamline University’s use of “Research Ready” reminded me to explore this type of software as part of a flipped classroom to encourage more active learning time during hands-on sessions.

3) Digital access compliance – here’s the website the presenters put together if you’re interested: The tip I learned in this session was that each state has an Assistive Technology resource that anyone can call to ask assistive technology questions.

4) In “Not Your Everyday LibGuide: Exploring Non-Traditional Uses of a Versatile Platform” I was introduced to new aspects of LibGuides v.2 such as the internal tab box, the gallery box, and how RSS feeds are now a content type. If you don’t have LibGuides, this might not make sense, but if you do, you’ll want to explore these options!

5) In the “Team Work Makes the Dream Work” session an instructional technologist and a librarian from Beloit College talked about several ways their groups work together. I learned of a free online tool called that Beloit uses for research consultation and class scheduling.

6) The final session I attended was all about Assessment and Evaluation. Led by two librarians from USD, we learned of a software tool called Socrative. It’s something I will most certainly explore using as an assessment tool in my library instruction.