Our retreat was held at Shetek Lutheran Ministries Retreat Center. What a beautiful place! I had a wonderful time attending sessions, networking with my fellow colleagues. It’s nice to get to know each other more and bounce ideas off each other. The sessions were very informative! Valerie Horton, from Minitex informed us of projects going on at Minitex, plus highlights of ELM and the Learning Express Library.
Michele Leininger from MLCL shared some research about leadership and dealing with difficult people. Also information on advocacy for your library.
Meredith Vaselaar was wonderful when talking about her library fundraising project. She made it sound so easy, but we all know that is not the case!!
National History Day Minnesota did a short presentation. All the sessions were very low key but very informative. No one was ever put on the spot or expected to share if they didn’t want to. Thank you SAMMIE for another wonderful opportunity.