I had a great time at Camp Read this year. The book lists were fantastic and showed a lot of diversity. We had interesting discussions about the books and we talked about some things I didn’t anticipate. For example, the book “Animal Beauty” — I liked it, but when I read it, I didn’t think about the cover at all. In our discussion, someone brought up the cover and we had an extensive discussion about it and talked about issues I didn’t even think about when reading it for the first time. It’s always interesting to hear when someone dislikes a book you really liked (and vice-versa!) The authors were also really fabulous and were easy speakers, very laid back. Camp Read is definitely a great event that gives librarians and teachers a chance to just talk about books with one another — something we actually get too little time to do! I especially like how discussions of books on the list lead to discussions of books NOT on the list — it opens up a whole new world of selections!