I very much enjoyed this year again. I do like attending the camp at the casino. My only complaint is that it is so very difficult to hear over the very noisy ventilation system they have. The microphone sound is very muffled sounding. I struggled with both of these last year while there for Camp Read a Lot. Was able to understand the speaker without a mic than with if that helps. Anyway, other than that issue, I really enjoyed the entire day. The guest speakers were educational and fun. I loved the little writing exercise class that Alison shared with us. I took so much away from that for me personally. May have to try this in a special way at my library. I liked the relaxation techniques that Dr. shared with us and enjoyed her upbeat personality. My favorite is always the group discussions on the books. I gain so many ideas for story time or project for the kids at my library. I have already set one in motion for this coming week that I took away from Camp Read A Lot. I am anxious to see how it turns out. I look forward every year to this program.