It was another wonderful Camp Read-A-Lot! I enjoyed the books that I read and was introduced to newer books that some of my patrons would enjoy. I feel that Camp Read A Lot is a great opportunity to learn more about books and visit with like minded individuals. Author Alison Mcghee was the speaker for Day 1. I enjoyed her just as much this time as I had the first time. She gave participants good ideas on how to incorporate writing into their library or classroom. In the afternoon of Day 1, Dr. Jill spoke about relaxation. I didn’t get to listen much as I was helping organize books for giveaway, but I heard from others she was great. The author for Day 2 was Pete Hautman. Some ladies, myself included, got to have dinner with him Wednesday evening. He is a great speaker and storyteller. I enjoyed the session he did for us. He also talked about writing and gave some ideas to use in the library or classroom. The last activity was the Escape Room that was purchased from Teachers Pay Teachers. I was the one who did that¬†part. I enjoyed organizing the materials and preparing to do this activity with the participants. I love going to Camp Read A Lot and I look forward to next year!