The Representation of Indigenous Peoples in Children’s Literature by Jill Deinken / Redwood Falls Public Library

I attended the workshop on November 9 at St Catherine's University. There were 2 large group sessions featuring Dr. Debbie Reese and Dr Dawn Quigley as well as 2 small group break out sessions lead by each of the speakers. They talked about the inappropriate/negative use of Native Americans in children's books as well as [...]

MLA 2019 by Gabby Fountain / Glencoe Public Library

Libraries: Stronger Together 2019 MLA Conference highlights: *The Interlocked Library: Interweaving Your Community’s Mission into Library Services. This session alone was worth coming to MLA. Jammed packed with ideas on how to form collaborations with local businesses and the library. I cannot wait to bring ideas into my community! This session was informative, engaging, and [...]

MLA 2019 Libraries: Stronger Together by Jackee Fountain / Glencoe Public Library

The 2019 MLA Conference themed “Libraries: Stronger Together” is similar to the Glencoe Public Library’s 2019/2020 goal “community and library @ Glencoe, Minnesota.” I attended many sessions which emphasized connecting, outreach, and collaboration with the community. The session “Engagement: Outreach Librarianship,” provided information on planning an outreach program. Katherine Chew of the University of Minnesota [...]

Minnesota Library Association 2019 Conference by Paula Nemes / Marshall-Lyon County Library

Highlights of this year's conference for me were the lunch keynote by Minnesota's Secretary of State Steve Simon and a session on the 2020 Census. Mr. Simon focused on the important role libraries play in helping patrons get accurate information about candidates and issues, as well as practical information such as how to get registered [...]

2019 Minnesota Library Association Conference by Lydia Rebehn / Pioneerland Library System – Madison

This year's conference once again offered a great opportunity to gain new ideas and network with other library staff. The presenters were very competent. The presentations at this year's conference seemed heavily skewed towards information for library system administrative staff, rather than librarians and library staff, which was mildly disappointing, but the presentations were still [...]