I highly recommend attending the ARSL conference the next time it returns to the Midwest. LIbrarians from 40+ states spent 3 days learning from experts, including each other. I’m grateful to SAMMIE and our library Board for the opportunity! If anyone wants more info on any of these topics, I have a lot of notes! The sessions I attended were:
Librarian as Salesman – Similarities include making connections, introducing new information or products, building reputation and trust. I learned some ideas for letting patrons know about a new service without being pushy about “selling” it. 
Bringing Trivia Night into the 21st Century with Kahoot – Kahoot is a free, web-based platform that allows you to create trivia questions and have an interactive (using patrons’ mobile devices) session. It also allows options for creating surveys and discussions. I hope to use this for special events and youth activities, perhaps a monthly trivia night. https://create.kahoot.it/account/register/
Preserving “Born Digital” Community Records: Internet Archive – A service to promote to our patrons, the Internet Archive holds millions of searchable tv news programs, all the political ads from the current election (some ads were pulled, but these show up in the archive), software preservation and emulators (including old video games), and the “Way Back Machine” where you can search for web sites URLs that are no longer in existence. I knew about this site, but didn’t realize the extent of the content. They are also looking for certain types of content that your local library may have, so check out their website: archive.org
Community Anchors to Catalysts: Identifying Effective Ways to Engage with Your Community – If you only measure economics, you aren’t getting a full story regarding the health of your community. One idea is to host a “Data Walk” with charts showing jobs created, graduation rates, # of health care professionals, crime rate, etc. These charts can help the community see strengths and weaknesses and ways to collaborate to create, improve or enhance services based on the data.
Active STEM programs –Good review of some hands-on activities related to the STAR Library Engineering exhibit we will host in 2018. 
From Chicken Little to Fred Astaire: Conflict is a Dance – ideas we can use for planning for conflict: awareness of what might cause issues and awareness of one’s own reaction to conflict and stress. The importance of procedures and policies if a patron becomes agitated and how to politely respond to patrons who challenge materials.
Be Your Own Graphic Designer – Packed with suggestions for where to find free graphics and especially useful is a graphic design program (canva.com) that will translate images into the different sizes needed for web, Facebook and other social media outlets. This will save us a lot of time manipulating posters, etc. 
Pop Goes the Library! – Temporary and portable library services. We do a lot of these already (service to day cares and assisted living sites) but also heard about taking part in farmer’s markets, food shelf, fire stations. This would be great outreach and help more people (especially children) their own library cards.