The ARSL Conference was held in St. George, Utah this year. St. George is a beautiful place to go. Our Keynote speakers were Jill Nystull who wrote “One Good Life” and Richard Paul Evans who became famous with his book “The Christmas Box”. I also learned his daughter, Jenna Evans Welch, has written one YA book called “Love and Gelato” and has another one coming out next spring that is doing very well! Brandon Mull with his different junior series, and Lance Conrad, who also has junior series books. Clint Lewis was our inspiration. He became blind at the age of 13, and still wrestled in school. He didn’t let it stop him. He is a wrestling coach, entertainer, and motivational speaker. He told us to look for our power from within.
One session I attended dealt with learning how teens communicate with each other on social media. Demonstration on paper flyers to Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. The next one I found really interesting and would like to see get started in our area. Maker kits were made up and then shared by branches. The kits had projects and resources in them. There were two LEGO Kits, Break it Remake it Kit, Re-purposing Books Kit, 2-Photo Booth Kits, Mini Weapons, Circuit Kit, and a Solar Kit . Lots of sessions on Diversity, how to spruce up your programs and when to have your programs, using social media. IMLS had two programs. Very worthwhile again. Next year Springfield, Illinois!