It was another great conference in 2016! The conference marked our 10th Anniversary! In the beginning both the ARSL and ABOS had joint conferences together. I have made it to all but two conferences since starting this job in 1999! In the ten years of attending I have watched the changes in library and outreach service. In the beginning it was how technology could help us get out there first to offer patrons the internet and all that goes with it. I have had the opportunity to work first hand with satellites and antenaes and currently we use wifi to provide this service. This year our direction focused on Building Communities. Communities that serve senior care facilities with Dementia and/or Alzheimer’s, and on prisons and transition centers that facilitate people to reintegrate back into communities. We have to increase our awareness on the growing senior population and we share our enthusiasm for our youngest readers, and introducing ‘STEM’ Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to the preschool children. 
I have reinvigorated my passion for the work I do and want to advocate for the services we can provide in the future.!
SAMMIE has always provided resources for us to persue our passion in our outreach and library services!
Covington Kentucky was a beautiful place and they were most gracious! 
Thank you, 
Margie Salentiny