2018 LibTech Conference was great. Our keynote speakers Sarah T. Roberts and Bergis Jules both really made me think about social media posting and the implications of each post, tweet, video upload, and more. The idea of commercial content moderation or CCM, a term Professor Roberts coined to define the field study around the large-scale, industrial and for-pay practice of social media user-generated content adjudication and the idea of archiving posts, tweets, video uploads for anything from historical preservation to possible prosecution by law enforcement, due to its content nature that Bergis Jules, a content archivist discussed, was really something to wrap your mind around.
Here are a couple of sessions I really enjoyed.
When It’s Not Actually About the Tech: Simple Design-Focused Insight and Planning Tools for Technology-Based Library Services
This session by Kris Johnson reminded us that even though we are using Technology, we need to think like a non-tech person and stop making everything so difficult. Ms Johnson demonstrated the use of templates to foster some serious discussions with our staff on how to make some serious changes in how we translate information to our customers. Customer service should be our number one priority.
Using Apps to Streamline your Social Media Marketing
This session by Allie Thome was FABULOUS! Ms. Thome discussed and demonstrated a couple apps to help with our marketing strategies. Over is an app with some free stock photos or you can use your own photos to create some fabulous signs/posters to advertise and/or promote our events. They can be used on social media sites and more. The Quik app is used to make a series of photos into a mini video clip complete with some music. Adobe Spark Video is a way to further personalize your video clip and photos by adding your very own audio to the mini video clip. All these apps are free and very easy to use.
Thank you S.A.M.M.I.E. for the wonderful opportunity to attend the 2018 LibTech Conference.