The 2017 LibTech Conference at Macalester University in St. Paul, MN was FABULOUS! I find myself thinking about the various sessions days perhaps weeks afterwards. I think about what I see and listen to and I think about how I can incorporate some of the various ideas and programs into our library.
Makerspace Mornings in a School Library Media Center with Donna Ohlgren (Rush Creek Elementary) reminded us that Makerspaces can be about getting back to the basics of providing old transistor radios and a VCR with a stuck tape in it, along with some basic tools and safety glasses, might just be what a child needs to be creatively curious and to problem solve. Sharing access to sewing machines, scrap materials, and a few small simple inexpensive Little bits and Ozobots will do the trick too. Donna Ohlgrens approach to makerspaces was refreshing.
Keynote Speaker: Patrick Meier was simply inspiring. As a consultant on Humanitarian Technology and Innovation, Patrick Meier has had some incredible experiences with drones. Drones can transport much needed anti-venom serum in the amazon jungle, map areas of the world that are difficult to reach such as under water, remote, or damaged areas like after the earthquake in Haiti, and more. The ultimate goal is to train others and continue to spread the work of Humanitarian Technology and Innovation.
Live Chat: Librarians Using Simple Technology to Provide Access to Justice (Social and Legal ) to Patrons in Distress with Sheri Huppert and Elivia Embser-Herbert is an incredible service that is offered through Live chat is for people who are seeking help with legal questions, yet things are kept anonymous, and customers receive help and assistance. A win win!
Thank YOU SAMMIE for the opportunity to attend such a great and wonderful Conference.