Wow! What a great informative and fun conference this was to attend. I enjoyed meeting so many different librarians from different states and learning some of their ideas for kids programs, adult programs and teen/tween programs. Even things such as how they do their weeding that may make a difference for the way I may do mine now. The hotel was great, the accommodations were as well, and everything was easy to get to as far as the breakfast hall, classes and vendors. The guests had great stories to tell and encouraged all the librarians to continue to keep the libraries alive and fun, and to keep people interested in the literary arts. It was so difficult for me personally to choose which classes to take, even though they may have been offered more than once, because I would have loved to have gone to most, if not all of them, if there had been time. I already have a notebook full of ideas and I am ready to implement some into my library. My goal from this ARSL Conference, was to come back with a strategy to get more tween/teens involved in the library. With new found information from the courses offered, I think I might get my goal.