I had an Awesome time at this years conference! We drove to Convington, KY and the leaves were in full color! The conference started on Wednesday at 7:30AM and ended at 8:30PM that first night. I can say we had a jam packed Thursday as well, and were done on Friday at 2PM. There were so many workshops offered and events to attend we were busy non-stop! There were 150 first time attendee’s so that made it 300+ there. Many workshops stressed the importance of working with other organizations in your community: Senior Centers, Play and Make Centers for families, Volunteers, Elected officials and the list is too long to highlight. The overwhelming feeling at this conference is that everyone feels like family. I believe we have all shared in experiences that are the same and yet in different states! I would reccomend going to this or any event that promotes personal growth and enhances your knowledge in the services you may provide. I appreciate having that opportunity and would recommend it to anyone!
Thank you SAMMIE.